About Us

Baton Rouge Counseling Associates was formed in March 2012 by Patti Dowling, Anne Hays, and Misty Smith as they shared a vision to provide effective, research-based counseling with a compassionate, encouraging, and supportive style.

Valuing professionalism and continuing education, the associates are devoted to caring for their clients in ways that are consistent with best research and practice. Their Christian faith informs their counseling work. Furthermore, they believe their commitment to serve their own families, churches, and communities enhances their ability to work with clients during difficult times. Truly caring for their clients, the associates value the relationships that are formed and desire to see rebuilding, restoration, and renewal in each individual’s life.

Our counselors have different areas of specialty. Email info@brcounselingassociates.com or visit our Contact Us page if you would like assistance choosing a counselor.

To schedule an appointment or inquire further, please contact the counselor directly by email: